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Leopard Leather

There is a massive animal attraction in the fashion world in 2024 with winter holding nothing back so Charné has carefully paired these pieces together.

Leopard Scarf

What you get: 1x Leopard print scarf

Why is it in fashion: Leopard prints versatility gives it a new dimension of appeal, being used in both statement pieces and more subtle elements. There is absolutely no limits to the trend. There are no pastels or delicate floral patterns this year - extravagance rules in 2024, and winter is your opportunity to really show it off.

Black Leather Tote Bag

What you get: 1x Black Leather Crocodile Tote Bag with inner

Why is it in fashion: Crocodile embossed leather is a massive statement piece and can be seen at high street labels like Topshop and Mango all the way up to luxury houses like Victoria Beckham and Prada, leather embossed and textured to look like crocodile skin is changing the accessories game.

Leopard Print Velvet Touch Belt

What you get: 1x Vintage Leopard Print Belt

Why is it in fashion: As displayed above, this statement piece belt is perfect accessory to enhance you winter look this season.

Silver Jewellery

What you get: 1x Teardrop Stainless Steel Earrings, 2x Adjustable Womens Ring, 1x Teardrop Necklace

Why is it in fashion: Set your gold-toned jewels aside and make way for silver earrings, necklaces and rings for Winter 2024. Silver drop jewellery seen on Celebrities Kendall Jenner to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have been seen framing so many famous faces. It is actually the wearability of these bold silver accessories that underpins their continuing demand.