My Story

Beauty Blossom Beginnings - My Story

Prior to opening Beauty Blossom in 2023, I worked for numerous companies in South Africa from a young age. The reality for women working in South Africa is that they are often asked for sexual favours or at the very least treated inferior in the workplace. No matter where I worked this seemed to be the pattern that I was always running into. The old age saying of “sleeping your way to the top” felt more and more like a reality I was going to have to-do to progress in life. Now I don't want you to get any ideas here I never scummed to any advances and remained steadfast in the belief of my talent and skill. The truth is that many women face this scenario on a day-to-day basis, and I felt belittled, lacked the feeling of being unique, and not beautiful in my own skin. Besides my family one of the things that always lifted me was to get a new product, do my make-up, or hair in a new or beautiful way. Having a story like this was not going to get me anywhere.


Eventually I had enough of feeling this way, and with a family to provide for I started think about how I could overcome this reality so many women face. I also wanted to help the other millions of women and girls who are faced with the same scenario. Combined with my passion for beauty products I started to visualize how I could make women feel beautiful from the inside out every day.


As an independent woman I noticed how expensive it had become to buy hair products. I also noticed that the quality of hair products was not up to the right standard in comparison to the price you must pay. So, one of the things which lifted me up so many times moved further and further from my reach. I knew that so many women out there must feel the same way and I decided to start Beauty Blossom with the vision to provide cost-effective high-quality hair products at a fraction of the price available in retail stores. So, this is my story.


After knowing my story, I look forward where Beauty Blossoms goal is to make a difference in every woman’s lives by helping them to unlock their true inner beauty daily. I want women to go into the world and overcome the oppressive societal values we face in our daily lives and look amazing while doing it!

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