Spring 2024 Face Makeup Trends

As we enter the spring season of 2024, it's time to explore the latest trends in face makeup. From fresh and natural looks to bold and vibrant statements, this season offers a variety of options to enhance your beauty. Let's dive into the top face makeup trends for Spring 2024.

  • Skin / Concealer / Base - Image Source: @amaka.hamelijnck

    • Focus on radiance and healthy-appearing skin
    • Before makeup, skin should be radiant
    • Some Opting for no base and a high-coverage concealer instead
  • Golden-Peach Blush - Image Source: @patricktabeauty

    • A golden-peach blush pops in a way that compliments a variety of different makeup looks
    • Apply it over the entire cheek area, from apples back to cheekbones
    • While you can use your fingers, a large, fluffy brush may help sheer the finish out even more
    • Look for cream highlighter and highlighter/blush hybrids
  • Cocoa Chocolate Blush - Image Source: Getty Images

    • Expect the richest brown tones to move up their placement, finding themselves on the apples of your cheeks
    • Expect cocoa chocolate blush to grace all skin tones
    • Its versatility allows for stunning applications on the eyes, lips, and cheeks
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