Spring 2024 Lip Makeup Trends

I am excited to share with you the latest lip makeup trends for Spring 2024. This season, we are seeing a variety of stunning lip looks that will elevate your makeup game and keep you on-trend. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant shades or subtle and natural hues, there is a lip trend for everyone. Let's dive into the top lip makeup trends for Spring 2024.

  • Pigmented Berry-coloured hues - Image Source: @jasmineegal

    • Hailey Bieber and Sydney Sweeney have been spotted rocking slightly more pigmented berry-coloured hues
    • Low-key monochromatic look with your lips and cheeks stained in the same raspberry-inspired shade
  • Silky-soft Matte lipstick - Image Source: @missoliviarose

    • More creamy, comfortable, and silky-soft matte lipstick formulas are having a comeback
  • Red High-Shine Glossy Finish - Image Source: @alanapaolucci

    • Red lip shades that feature a high-shine glossy finish
    • Reaching for richer pigments for the lips is in for spring
  • Dark Lipstick Shades - Image Source: @emmanuellek_/Instagram

    • Classic dark shade or deep browns, chestnuts, burgundy, and mauve tones
  • Ombré Lips - Image Source: @beautybanter

    • Popular makeup technique that creates a gradient effect using two or more shades of lip products for a full and defined finish
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